Snobbery & Prejudice is alive & well

What is happening in this country? Why are the main stream media allowed to criticise public figures such as Lily Allen and Gary Lineker for CARING about the children who are alone in the Calais Jungle?

Then a young working class MP who is doing a sterling job of holding the Tories to account on education is harassed, bullied and ridiculed because of her accent. Because she doesn’t put on airs and graces and speak with a plum in her mouth. Because, she’s busy and doesn’t always correct spellings etc on her twitter feed.

You know, I’d much rather have an honest hardworking MP who knows about reality and wants to help the public than an Eton educated numpty who spends more on a suit than most people earn in a year.

Angela Rayner, thank you, please ignore the haters and carry on doing what you are doing. This country needs far more people like you.


Snobbery & Prejudice is alive & well