So What’s next?

Most of you who have read previously blog entries will know I have a little bit of a dislike of Tories and their policies. However along with being a Diplomatic Democratic Dragoness I also have compassion, and it isn’t nice to kick someone when they are down like Despicable Theresa Meeehem (formally known as Despicable Mayhem) is at the moment.

My focus today however is the Labour Party and the earthquake they caused at the General Election on June 8th 2017.

Labour didn’t win a majority – fact. Opinion/speculation ranges from ‘If Jeremy Corbyn wasn’t leader we would have won’ to ‘If the PLP had backed him and not attempted to smear and undermine him for the past two years we would be in power right now’. Thing is in my opinion neither of those hypothesis are correct. Things had to happen exactly as they did.

You may think I’m slightly mad for saying that (my hubby say’s I’m totally mad anyway) but my reasons are as follows.

If the polls had shown Labour any closer to the Tory Party Despicable Meehem wouldn’t have felt secure enough to call a snap election to ‘increase her mandate and strengthen her hand’

If the PLP hadn’t constantly run to the right wing media to attack the credibility of Jeremy Corbyn as leader Labour’s position in the polls would be higher, much much higher and we wouldn’t have had a General Election until 2020.

If it had been someone else as leader of the Labour Party ie Owen Smith I seriously doubt we would have had anywhere near the gains Labour made on Thursday if an election had indeed been called. In fact Owen Smith has actually apologised on national television for doubting Jeremy Corbyn even saying that he wished they could ‘bottle whatever he has’ as his policies, personality and social media presence worked.

So the fact that Labour were so behind in the polls, that the plp and membership were at loggerheads with each other over the leadership, they didn’t have a cat in hells chance of coming anywhere near toppling the Tories and the Tories would increase their majority and enjoy autocracy which they always wanted.

They didn’t anticipate the fact that the more people saw of Jeremy Corbyn, the more they resonated with him and believed in him, those who said attendances at rallies didn’t translate into votes didn’t expect them to. They didn’t expect him to unify both the young and the old electorate, didn’t think he could appeal to both Brexiters & Bremainers but he does. They didn’t think seven weeks would be enough time to make any headway. They were wrong, very very wrong.

So now the Labour party have united, coalesced into a ‘strong and stable’ democratic party with the keys to number 10 in sight. The Tories however have crashed and burned, not even winning enough seats for a majority government. They are getting into bed with the DUP to form a government which may actually be against the Good Friday agreement and put the peace in Ireland at risk.

The odds are that we will have to have another General Election very very soon, one which the Labour party have laid all the groundwork for, have dismissed the nasty negative tactics the Tories have attempted and proved that policies, positivity and hope will prevail. One where the right wing media will have even less influence over the voters as ‘the truth will out’ as they say, and those who said oh I can’t vote Labour because of Jeremy Corbyn not being a good leader’ because that’s what the papers told them to think. Labour are heading towards a landslide victory previously unseen before and all because of this election.

Before the results the EU said if the government changed they would delay the start of negotiations but they won’t now, Theresa will now go into negotiations with a far weaker hand, will be unable to issue demands and ultimatums and have the hard Brexit she so desires. She had already upset the EU by claiming they were trying to interfere in the election process.

Strong and Stable

Wasn’t able

To strengthen her hand

Or make a stand

Wobbly and weak

Now seems so meek

They’ll call for her head

Her career will be dead.


When she warned of the coalition of chaos she forgot to mention that she would be the one leading it. I read that somewhere else and can’t take credit for it, but I can’t find it again or who said it and am therefore unable to give them the credit they obviously deserve.

You didn’t really believe me when I said it wasn’t nice to kick someone when they were down did you? How could anyone resist such an open goal and not take advantage of it?

So What’s next?

Tin Foil Hats Anyone?

With The Wolfian issue 9 being released on Kindle and it being sadly the final issue I thought I’d try to tempt you with an extract from my political piece in there.

As usual the editor has kindly published some of my poetry including This one and the final edition ends with an amazing opportunity to have a book published with a Summer Sun poetry competition.

Tin Foil Hats Anyone?

‘Do you watch NCIS? Gibbs has rules, I like rule #9 always carry a knife but it’s illegal over here so I can’t. I do agree however with rule #39 ‘There is no such thing as coincidence.’ and he always trusts his gut instinct, and he’s always right too.

Now being a geek I do like The X Files and am aware that most conspiracy theorists wear tin foil hats but what happens if they are correct. Will the world run out of tin foil?

I among many, many others were very suspicious of the 2015 election results. The warning signs had already been there, van full of ballot papers ‘stolen’, candidates’ names ‘missing’ from ballot papers, candidates votes being found UNDER someone else’s, postal voters not receiving their ballot papers, ex-pats receiving theirs too late to be able to use them. Something Cameron said too before the election that he wouldn’t be staying for a third term, Freudian slip or did he already know the outcome?’

If you want to read the rest of this piece and other great articles go to Amazon for the kindle version. It’s only 99p.

Go on – you know you want to.


Tin Foil Hats Anyone?


This is a piece I wrote for The Wolfian Magazine issue 6, originally titled Happy New Year, although tomorrow is Midsummer. I think some of the things I wrote are still pertinent and with issue 9 due out imminently I think it’s now time to share.

chaos nature

2016 hasn’t gone well so far, and we’re still in the first month. We have now lost David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Dale Griffin (Mott the Hoople), Glen Frey (the Eagles), Rene Angelil (Celine Dions manager/husband), Dan Haggarty (Grizzly Adams) and of course just before Christmas Lemmy.  I think I and probably the majority of others were more shocked about David Bowie, just 2 days after his birthday and the release of his final album, Blackstar. A poor radio newsreader had a Freudian slip and announced David Cameron had died, people’s celebrations quickly turned to grief when the mistake was rectified and everyone found out it was Bowie instead.

There weren’t just floods of tears though, heavy rainfall caused some of the worst floods this country has seen in the North, families were evacuated, Christmas’s ruined and although David Cameron said lessons must be learned in 2014 it is pretty obvious he didn’t do his homework. Money promised for flood defences had been cut in ‘austerity’ measures. Not being an economist or politician I feel that spending £50,000 on defences is more economical than spending £300,000 on repairing the damage. Funny there is money to bomb innocent kids in Syria, build a museum to one of the most hated women in the country but not enough to stop the floods.

But we are in a war against terrorists that is a certainty, the definition of terrorism that I found on Google is as follows.

1.the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

2.the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.

3.a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.

The government would have us believe that  they are the only ones who can prevent terrorists by bombing other countries, increasing their ‘powers’ to intercept messages via telephone, internet or social media but the way I see it THEY are the terrorists. People are ‘scared’ to become ill and have time off work or worse have to leave their employment. Once this happens the likelihood of them getting into debt increases, which increases their stress, which increases their illness, which makes them more likely to ‘miss’ appointments, which will get them sanctioned, which leaves them with NO money and a high possibility of becoming homeless or having to live in unsuitable accommodation.

It’s worse if they are in London on one of the ‘estates’ that are deemed to be a ‘problem’ as the Tories are attempting to bulldoze these and build ‘affordable’ housing. The trouble with the affordable housing is that ordinary people on an ordinary/minimum wage would never be able to afford the in a million years. The people who have lived all their lives in this community are displaced and forced to move miles away. I believe they call this social cleansing.

And this is how I believe the Tories got elected, by instilling fear via the right-wing media, spinning such negative propaganda against all the other parties, and a lot of times telling outright lies. Have you ever noticed that whenever the government are found out in a lie there is suddenly a major news item which pushes the story about them sometimes completely out of the media, and this is in addition to the flood of reports that ‘hides’ the bad ones or so they hope. I was always suspicious too of the way the notoriously Tory paper ‘the Sun’ broke the ‘exclusive’ that they had images of the Queen when she was 6 – years before the war doing what looked like a Nazi Salute, which of course could also have been an American Bellamy Salute. What were the Tories trying to hide that day, the attack on social housing maybe?

From what I can see it is the Tories who are the Terrorists and they are the ones we need to fight. I wrote on one of the Labour Facebook pages a couple of weeks ago that not only do Labour need to unite as a party they also need to form alliances and unite with other parties such as Lib Dems, Greens, SNP, Plaid Cymru etc. They can fight over who will lead the country when the Tories are gone. Someone asked on the forum why I didn’t include UKIP, I told them that I believe UKIP are still Tories and are there to deflect attention from the bad Tory Policies and to divide the votes for the other parties. It’s clear from PMQ’s that the way Cameron tries to avoid answering the questions is to attempt to divert attention to what he perceives as friction in the Labour party. Comparing the Shadow Cabinet re-shuffle to Shakespeare and quoting ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ and ‘Twelfth Night. I think perhaps he forgets that he is a dead ringer for Lady MacBeth and he’ll never be able to wash the blood off his hands. And then a couple of weeks later instead of answering the question he wittered on about a ‘suggestion’ that Trident instead of being scrapped could go out without Nuclear bombs aboard as Japan’s fleet does, and referenced the Beatles ‘Yellow Submarine’.

Seriously is that politics? Is that adult debate? Is that working ‘for’ the people of Britain? The Junior Doctors went ahead with their one day strike, and quite frankly I don’t bloody blame them. They’ve even cut the bursaries for nurses and now they have to take out a ‘loan’ to study to be a nurse. That isn’t fair and will seriously reduce the number of people going into nursing, although Camoron tries to claim it will allow more to study, he really can’t see that people do not want to start off in debt. The NHS is being ripped apart and sold piece by piece. I heard that a contract out to tender went to a ‘private’ firm despite the NHS consortium quoting £7 Million LESS.

I keep seeing ‘polls’ being quoted, and not believing the samples are fair I have now joined the ‘YOUGOV’ poll site. I was asked a question on there about corruption so commented that The current Conservative government are the most corrupt in British History (or words to that effect) I know many people will NOT join that or sign any of the Government petitions as it requires your details, but you know what, I DON’T CARE. I’m happy to stand against them and stand for Justice and Fairness and increased equality, the only things the Tories have increased are homelessness, poverty, insecurity and inequality.

I have seen indications today however that Lib Dem leader Tim Farron and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn are to have talks about uniting in the effort to rid the country of the Tories. Just need the SNP, Plaid Cymru, Greens and any Independents in on it too and hopefully it will work. I even wrote a poem to urge them to Unite.

confused pride