So What’s next?

Most of you who have read previously blog entries will know I have a little bit of a dislike of Tories and their policies. However along with being a Diplomatic Democratic Dragoness I also have compassion, and it isn’t nice to kick someone when they are down like Despicable Theresa Meeehem (formally known as Despicable Mayhem) is at the moment.

My focus today however is the Labour Party and the earthquake they caused at the General Election on June 8th 2017.

Labour didn’t win a majority – fact. Opinion/speculation ranges from ‘If Jeremy Corbyn wasn’t leader we would have won’ to ‘If the PLP had backed him and not attempted to smear and undermine him for the past two years we would be in power right now’. Thing is in my opinion neither of those hypothesis are correct. Things had to happen exactly as they did.

You may think I’m slightly mad for saying that (my hubby say’s I’m totally mad anyway) but my reasons are as follows.

If the polls had shown Labour any closer to the Tory Party Despicable Meehem wouldn’t have felt secure enough to call a snap election to ‘increase her mandate and strengthen her hand’

If the PLP hadn’t constantly run to the right wing media to attack the credibility of Jeremy Corbyn as leader Labour’s position in the polls would be higher, much much higher and we wouldn’t have had a General Election until 2020.

If it had been someone else as leader of the Labour Party ie Owen Smith I seriously doubt we would have had anywhere near the gains Labour made on Thursday if an election had indeed been called. In fact Owen Smith has actually apologised on national television for doubting Jeremy Corbyn even saying that he wished they could ‘bottle whatever he has’ as his policies, personality and social media presence worked.

So the fact that Labour were so behind in the polls, that the plp and membership were at loggerheads with each other over the leadership, they didn’t have a cat in hells chance of coming anywhere near toppling the Tories and the Tories would increase their majority and enjoy autocracy which they always wanted.

They didn’t anticipate the fact that the more people saw of Jeremy Corbyn, the more they resonated with him and believed in him, those who said attendances at rallies didn’t translate into votes didn’t expect them to. They didn’t expect him to unify both the young and the old electorate, didn’t think he could appeal to both Brexiters & Bremainers but he does. They didn’t think seven weeks would be enough time to make any headway. They were wrong, very very wrong.

So now the Labour party have united, coalesced into a ‘strong and stable’ democratic party with the keys to number 10 in sight. The Tories however have crashed and burned, not even winning enough seats for a majority government. They are getting into bed with the DUP to form a government which may actually be against the Good Friday agreement and put the peace in Ireland at risk.

The odds are that we will have to have another General Election very very soon, one which the Labour party have laid all the groundwork for, have dismissed the nasty negative tactics the Tories have attempted and proved that policies, positivity and hope will prevail. One where the right wing media will have even less influence over the voters as ‘the truth will out’ as they say, and those who said oh I can’t vote Labour because of Jeremy Corbyn not being a good leader’ because that’s what the papers told them to think. Labour are heading towards a landslide victory previously unseen before and all because of this election.

Before the results the EU said if the government changed they would delay the start of negotiations but they won’t now, Theresa will now go into negotiations with a far weaker hand, will be unable to issue demands and ultimatums and have the hard Brexit she so desires. She had already upset the EU by claiming they were trying to interfere in the election process.

Strong and Stable

Wasn’t able

To strengthen her hand

Or make a stand

Wobbly and weak

Now seems so meek

They’ll call for her head

Her career will be dead.


When she warned of the coalition of chaos she forgot to mention that she would be the one leading it. I read that somewhere else and can’t take credit for it, but I can’t find it again or who said it and am therefore unable to give them the credit they obviously deserve.

You didn’t really believe me when I said it wasn’t nice to kick someone when they were down did you? How could anyone resist such an open goal and not take advantage of it?

So What’s next?

5 Days till salvation or doom

Only 5 days to voting. Will common sense and fairness prevail or will selfishness and greed win?

Anyone who watched the question and answer session last night would be struck by the stark contrast between Despicable Mayhem and Jeremy Corbyn. Mrs No Magic Money Tree unless you are a Tory Donor came across as nervous, condescending, and very evasive. Jeremy Corbyn on the other hand, despite the aggressive plants in the audience who wanted to nuke everyone in sight came across as relaxed, informative and friendly. Even joking at the end he had ‘much more to say’

Anyone who has read this blog before will know my love of poetry. Here’s a new little ditty I have written about Theresa May. The first one can be found Here

mays mantra copy

5 Days till salvation or doom

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

This time next week we will know who will be leading our country into Brexit negotiation. Whether or not the NHS will be saved, our children educated and our older relatives choosing between eating or heating.

The Wolfian Magazine has published a special edition #10. Below is a preview of an article of mine that has been included in this issue. Digital versions are FREE!!!

Who’s the cruellest of them all?

The first female prime minister this country had, was a Conservative by the name of Margaret Thatcher aka the Iron Lady. She famously once said this lady is not for turning. Now we have another female prime minister Theresa May, not only are her initials the opposite of her predecessor but her actions are too, a mirror image you might conclude. She has stated countless times she wouldn’t call an early election and yet here we are with a snap election.

Two years ago I was devastated when the Conservative party were re-elected, wondered how many more would suffer for the next 5 years under their rule.

Well we have been thrown a lifeline by non other than Despicable Mayhem herself when she called an early general election. Despite all the media bias against the Labour Party and in particular the leader Jeremy Corbyn, they are rapidly gaining on the Tory lead and people are slowly beginning to see the reality.

To read the rest you are going to have to download the Magazine and it is a great issue with some hard hitting, eye opening articles from some familiar names such as Will Black, Ray Woolford, and Julie Maxon. Don’t forget it’s FREE


Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Cotswolds Conundrum

Countryside Issues

How fortunate am I to be living in the Cotswold’s? A place of outstanding natural beauty, a rich history, and, by and large, unspoiled by industrialisation. Many people would believe that the Cotswold’s is an affluent area, everyone is happy and for the most part rich. Especially with Prince Charles and Princess Anne living in the vicinity. Well that is an illusion that many would like you to believe.

For example there is a food bank in Cirencester and Tetbury which opened in 2012, and, according to figures on their website

‘Over 2,783 three day emergency food supplies were provided to local people in crisis in Cirencester, Tetbury, Lechlade & Fairford, by Cirencester Foodbank during 2016-17, compared to 1,640 in 2015-16. Of this number, over 1,000 went to children.’ That has almost doubled in a year. Many of these people are in villages and small towns with an ever decreasing public transport system, which limits the opportunities they have as they may not be able to afford to run a vehicle.

Many of the children of those using foodbanks will be eligible for free school meals and will be hit the hardest in the school funding change.

Most of the schools in the Cotswolds are primary schools, serving little villages and small towns, that feed into a handful of secondary schools and colleges. The majority of schools in the Cotswolds are going to lose funding in the new formula, for example Cirencester College where many go for further education and training for a future career will lose £737,819, which equates to £355 per pupil and could result in a loss of up to 19 teachers by 2019. The obvious result of this would be limiting the options regarding choice of subjects to learn thereby curtailing the hopes, aspirations and future careers of young people. Young people who are the next generation, will be woefully ill prepared to cope in the ever changing society. These changes won’t affect the more affluent in this society, those who can afford fees for private schools, those who mostly vote Conservative.

The incumbent (in my view incompetent) mp in the Cotswolds does not represent the many, indeed his voting record as can be viewed on ‘they work for’ website clearly shows that he votes for the few.


  • Generally voted against equal gay rights
  • Generally voted against laws to promote equality and human rights
  • Consistently voted against the hunting ban
  • Almost always voted against UK membership of the EU
  • Geoffrey Clifton-Brown voted against guaranteeing EU derived rights, and the potential to acquire residency rights, for EU and EEA citizens legally resident in the UK.
  • Consistently voted for raising England’s undergraduate tuition fee cap to £9,000 per year
  • Consistently voted for ending financial support for some 16-19 year olds in training and further education
  • Generally voted against transferring more powers to the Welsh Assembly
  • Almost always voted against transferring more powers to the Scottish Parliament
  • Generally voted against more powers for local councils
  • Consistently voted for merging police and fire services under Police and Crime Commissioners
  • Consistently voted against increasing the tax rate applied to income over £150,000
  • Almost always voted for reducing the rate of corporation tax
  • Generally voted against measures to prevent climate change
  • Consistently voted for selling England’s state owned forests
  • Almost always voted for culling badgers to tackle bovine tuberculosis
  • Consistently voted for phasing out secure tenancies for life
  • Consistently voted against restrictions on fees charged to tenants by letting agents
  • Generally voted for restricting the scope of legal aid
  • Almost always voted for reforming the NHS so GPs buy services on behalf of their patients
  • Generally voted against restricting the provision of services to private patients by the NHS
  • Consistently voted for the privatisation of Royal Mail.

The people of the Cotswold’s deserve better, much better. It has been a Tory stronghold for way to long. After the LibDems went into coalition with the Tories, although they may be popular in this area they won’t be getting my vote.

We need Labour in government, working for the many not the few. This is why we need our local candidate Mark Huband, secretary of Cotswold Labour, who knows the area, knows the challenges, knows the people and who will pledge to work for everyone.

Vote Labour on June 8th.

Cotswolds Conundrum